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Synthetic tattooable skin, shaped like realistic limbs.

Our mission with “A Pound of Flesh” synthetic tattooable limbs is to create an experience closest to tattooing real skin. One of its many applications is to help beginning tattoo artists learn tattooing techniques without having to actually practice on real people. This will hopefully cut down on the amount of poorly executed tattoos done by beginners. Other applications include a realistic surface that an experienced artist can use to practice new techniques, try out new equipment, and as a 3D portfolio to illustrate their work. Potential clients will be able to get a better idea of an artist’s ability by physically seeing their work on “skin” firsthand.
Professional artists weigh in on a Pound of Flesh
It’s a good product!
Tanane Whitfield
I personally had my doubts. It’s impossible to draw on with sharpie and putting on the stencil wa...
Fun experience
Brandon Schultheis
Working on APOF was a fun experience; I’ve never tattooed anything other than human skin, so I wa...
Like painting with tattoo machines
Nick Baxter
I’ve found APOF to be a great opportunity to experiment with new effects and techniques without t...
Great practice surface
Scotty Munster
These hands are a great practice surface for new tattooers, but are also such a cool display item...