APOF Blemished Practice Skins — Steep Discounts

Life is imperfect, and sometimes so are our tattooable synthetic products. That’s why we’re offering a variety of our blemished practice skins at a steep discount. Create a masterpiece or practice new techniques on an imperfect product of your choosing; just select what you would like from the drop-down menu.

All blemished items are still durable, rubber-based APOF products. You can still build a 3D portfolio on imperfect skins – fulfill those bolt of lightning inspirations and get to tattooing while saving money.

Please Note: A Pound of Flesh blemished tattooable surfaces come in pink, white, and all Fitzpatrick skin tones. You may receive any color depending on our current inventory of blemished products.

Key Features:

  • Imperfectly perfect APOF products with discounted prices
  • Blemishes/imperfections do not impact durability; same life-like shapes and thicknesses
  • Made with silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Apprentices and beginners can practice tattooing techniques
  • Professionals can use as a 3D portfolio or canvas to try new equipment and techniques
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