APOF Lego Guy T-Shirt

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Check out this Lego dude. Seems a little uneasy, doesn’t he? But it’s no matter. An artist should always have “more arms in the back” as it were. The Lego Guy T-Shirt features the custom Lego illustration on the back and our custom logo across the shirt. This t-shirt is 100 percent cotton and available in Small up to 3X-Large.

Put your faith in our flesh and remember to stock up on synthetic tattooable limbs, allowing you to perfect your skills, have bolt of lightning inspirations, and make as many forgivable mistakes and you see fit.

Key Features:

  • Black short-sleeved crew neck
  • APOF logo across chest
  • Custom single panel Lego illustration
  • 100% combed cotton fabric Next Level premium fabric
  • Comes in sizes Small up to 3X-Large
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