Plank of Flesh

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A Plank of Flesh
It’s our original, our classic, our pride and joy: the APOF Plank of Flesh. There’s nothing like a good old Plank of Flesh to try new techniques, wield some new equipment, or create a showpiece for potential clientele to admire. Do you prefer glossy or matte? Our plank offers a glossy surface on one side and matte on the other, so your showpiece can shine or look handsomely understated. Flesh is as versatile as your work, and we pride ourselves in giving you the varied surfaces necessary to create artistic genius. Our APOF Plank of Flesh also has a painted wood frame to give it a little extra “oomf!”

Overall: ~8.5” (W) x 11.5” (L) x 0.75” (Thickness)
Tattooable Surface: 12.25” (L) x 8.5” (W)

Key Features:
  • Double-sided plank of synthetic flesh with painted edge
  • One matte tattooable surface and one glossy tattooable surface
  • Made with silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Display at shops and/or tattoo conventions and events
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